• It is just not fair that in this country an Independent cannot debate a Republican or Democrat and why does the news media not care about other choices?
  • Summary:Joseph Maldonado seems to be the only Candidate in this race who spends more time answering the peoples questions about problems than anyone else

    Wynnewood OK- U.S. Presidential Candidate Joseph Maldonado otherwise known as “Joe Exotic” released his 242 political video messages since his campaign started in November of 2015.

    There are so many issues that face this country that is not getting any attention from the front runners, at some point someone has to stop and listen to what is really going on out here in the real world “Joe comments”. There are more than enough jobs out here for people to take, the problem is this country hands out so much free stuff no one wants to work anymore, Have you driven through a fast food restaurant and got your order right? And they want to raise their pay to $15.00 per hour which means by the time the employer matches taxes they are now paying close to $20.00 per hour. What does the Democrat’s want to do, shut down more businesses? The problem is the politicians that are in office and have been for 30 years never step foot out here in the real working world, so they have no clue “Joe says”.

    Other problems Mr. Maldonado says never seems to get addressed is the domestic terrorist here in the United States. When the FBI and Congress has had hearings that the Animal Rights Groups are this Nation’s top terrorist problem and they are still nonprofit in this country, we seem to have a bit of a problem. Frivolous lawsuits, abusing the Federal Court system to stalk, harass and bankrupt people only for an agenda Mr. Maldonado feels this must come to a stop in this country.

    Social Security is a huge issue for Mr. Maldonado. If a person wants a savings account they should sit one up and be responsible for their own retirement savings, the Government should have nothing to do with it. They basically stole 2.7 Trillion dollars from Social Security on bad investments with money that did not belong to them. If it was anyone else they would be in jail for theft or embezzlement “Joe Said”.

    Setting down with them man has been a truly eye opening experience, the ideas and fixing problems right here at home that Mr. Maldonado has is truly remarkable.

    Contact Detail:

    Company Name: Joe Exotic For The People Of America
    Contact Person: Joseph Maldonado
    Email: joe_exotic@yahoo.com
    Phone No: 4056651003
    Address: 25803 NCR 3250
    City: Wynnewood
    State: Oklahoma

    Country: United States
    Website Url: www.joeexotic2016.com

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