• “We are delighted to expand the services and solutions offered through our elite Linium Blues line with the addition of Crossbridge’s leading-edge financial services,” said Linium CEO Joe Burke.
  • Summary:The Linium Blues line of elite services and solutions is enhanced by the addition
    of Crossbridge’s financial services expertise, which provides new capabilities to help
    clients address challenges, innovate and modernize operations.

    Linium, a world-class provider of business services that empower the entire enterprise, today announced it will onboardCrossbridge, a top-tier financial services consulting firm, to further expand its Linium Blues line of elite services and solutions that launch clients on the path to enterprise modernization. 

    The addition of Crossbridge provides Linium with enhanced consulting expertise in the capital markets and investment banking industries. Fortified by a broadened platform of state-of-the-art services and solutions, Linium has expanded its expertise to address all aspects of  operational challenges faced by financial services institutions and free them up to focus on innovation and improve the bottom line.

    Expanding Financial Services Expertise

    “We are delighted to expand the services and solutions offered through our elite Linium Blues line with the addition of Crossbridge’s leading-edge financial services,” said Linium CEO Joe Burke. “This onboarding will accelerate our ability to help businesses modernize operations by building the innovative platforms and systems that are critical to their success. It’s a particular pleasure to welcome our new colleagues from Crossbridge, with whom we share a commitment to engaging outstanding professionals and teams, providing proactive vision and next generation solutions, and adhering to the highest levels of integrity and ethics.”

    “We are excited for the opportunity to combine our deep expertise in financial services with Linium’s exceptional ability to deliver groundbreaking enterprise platform solutions,” said Crossbridge Partner Steve Shyn, who will become Chief Strategy Officer. “We join forces at a time when the financial markets face critical challenges, driven by a myriad of new and complex rules and regulations, and the growing pressures of global terrorism and cybercrime. Together, we will provide fresh approaches and new solutions to keep our clients safe, effective and profitable.”

    Linium is particularly strengthened by Crossbridge’s Regulatory Change and Risk Management services, which assist best-in-class companies in navigating a myriad of evolving rules and regulations and mitigating compliance risks, and Crossbridge’s top-ranked Commercial Lending (Loan IQ) services, which improve performance and maximize operational effectiveness.

    The onboarding builds on a longstanding and trusted relationship between Linium and Crossbridge, including collaboration with multiple clients on a host of projects. Each of the more than 50 Crossbridge consultants will be retained and continue to work from their offices in New York City, where Linium also maintains offices, with the expectation of further growth in the future.

    About Linium

    Linium is a nationally recognized firm with over 16 years of experience specializing in consulting, recruiting and managed services that position companies to achieve modernization and change the way people work anytime, anywhere. We partner with our clients to solve today’s most pressing operational challenges by leveraging people, process, and platforms; whether it’s streamlining how business services are delivered across the enterprise, acquiring top talent, or enabling financial transparency with accurate plans and forecasts. The bottom line – we help you achieve operational efficiencies so you can grow confidently and focus on innovation.  For more information, visit www.linium.com and www.linium.com/financialservices

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